Useful Roblox resources

This article lists helpful resources for Roblox game development, or generic Roblox GFX, so beginners can learn easier without a hassle, searching for resources. This page has 6 sections, which is:

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Roblox Development Resources (Programming-wise)
Learning materials for Roblox coding
Builtin functions and variables
Understanding CFrame
Tables, arrays, and dictionaries
Remote functions and remove events
Client and Server
Lua and C# Comparison
Use TouchEvents properly
Avoid using the second parameter of
Bad network ownership
Connections can memory leak instances

User Experience & User Interface Design

UX Workaround 101
UX Collective
UI Design Objects and Tips (Roblox)
Removing black edges on images
The importance of clarity in UX
Prescriptive and Descriptive Labels
9-slicing (Roblox)
Introduction to 2D Animations (Roblox UI)
UI Designer Raising Guide
Introduction to UI Programming (Roblox)
Autoscale for UI (Roblox plugin)


Texture Haven

Graphic Design

Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Vector Logo from a Rough Sketch
Playlist: Get started in logo designing
Basics of game logo design process and base structing tutorial
Making game logos: colors
Graphic design fundamentals
How to design logo
Ultimate step guide for logo designing How to fix transparent hats for Blender
First Steps - Blender 2.80 Fundamentals
How to make 3D cloth in Blender 2.83
From Dvlpr

Reminders when doing cloth brush

To all those GFX Designers whos PCS are suffering when using the cloth brush for Roblox character's cloth, Reduce the simulation limit, Decreasing the sim falloff does help too but affects your brush in an unpleasing way so only touch it when you actually know what you're doing. If you find this useless because you have a fast device, Consider INCREASING the simulation limit, you'll be able to significantly boost your workflow


From BixbyAlan

Invisible faces in Roblox (For meshes)

Does your mesh have invisible faces when imported to ROBLOX? Sounds like you have inverted normals! Select all faces of your model (A), then recalculate normals with (SHIFT N)

From bruhd

Exporting meshes with color

To export with color you want to create a new image for your texture to be on which you can then save as a file and apply in Studio. Head over to the Shader Editor tab by switching to the preset workspace on the top bar. Click on one of the materials you have,

and on the shading editor tab, click Shift A > Texture > Image Texture.

And now click on 'New' and do whatever you want with the settings

After that, make sure it's unlinked and just select the Image Texture node and copy it with Ctrl C. Now, head over to the other materials and paste in the node for every materials. When you enter UV Editing tab on the top bar, you see a black image. Now, what you need would to be unwrap your mesh. You can unwrap using Smart UV Project but unwrapping manually is what I prefer to do especially if there are only simple color fills. If you're unwrapping an object that consists of simple color materials, you can select on a face with a material and click Shift G > Materials.

Doing so will select the faces with the same materials(MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN FACE SELECT MODE BY PRESSING 3). So what I am trying to achieve is to group the faces with the same colors together onto the UV maps. Smart UV Project would've been faster and less tedious but the results are somewhat glitchy. Once you have the faces of the same material selected, you can hit U > Unwrap.

Then select the UVs in the UV editing tab on the left and just shift them with G to avoid overlapping with other UVs. Keep repeating the steps for all your materials. Make sure no UVs overlap and you have gotten all the faces of the mesh. -- G to move. -- S to scale the size. Change your rendering engine to Cycles. And on the bottom, expand 'Bake' Change the Bake Type to, 'Diffuse'. Deselect Indirect, Direct, and make sure only Color is selected. Hit 'Bake' once you're done

From bruhd

Don't be a Help Vampire

Why? Look at this topic

How to identify a help vampire:
- Do they ask the same, tired questions others ask (at a rate of once or more per minute)?
- Do they clearly lack the ability or inclination to ask the almighty Google?
- Do they refuse to take the time to ask coherent, specific questions?
- Do they think helping them must be the high point of your day?
- Do they get offensive, as if you needed to prove them why they should use Blender?
- Are they obviously just waiting for some poor, well-intentioned person to do all their thinking for them?
- Can you tell they really aren't interested in having their question answered, so much as getting someone else to do their work?



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