List of Commands

Bionic uses ; for prefix. However, you can also mention the bot to use a command.

Command type Name Description Usage
Generic help Basically this command ;help
Generic ping This command will return the status of the bot to determine whether the bot is up, or not ;ping
Generic random Returns with a random number within the range of 1 to ;random
Fun 8ball Returns with a response from 8ball ;8ball
Fun dadjoke Returns with a dad joke ;dadjoke
Fun fact Returns with an useless fact ;fact
Fun insultme Returns with an insult ;insultme
Fun joke Returns with a joke ;joke
Moderation ban Requires Constant.Permission.4; This command bans an user from the user ;ban [amount] [reason]
Moderation kick Requires Constant.Permission.2; This command kicks an user from the user ;kick [amount] [reason]
Moderation purge Requires Constant.Permission.16; This command purges the current channel, the amount must not be greater than 60 ;purge [amount]
Moderation slowmode Requires Constant.Permission.16; This command sets the current channel's slowmode to the duration given ;slowmode [duration]
Moderation softban Requires Constant.Permission.4; This command softbans an user from the user ;softban [amount] [reason]
Others catpic Returns with a random cat picture, awww, so cute. ;catpic
Others eval Requires superuser permission; Runs a js command ;eval


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